That you could ring a friend ((or email them) to arrange a time to play bridge on line - with them as your partner?

On BRIDGE CLUB LIVE you can play in the 'social room with random opponents or with two other friends - for as long as you like.
In the 'Drop in Drop Out (DIDO) room you would commit to playing four boards with a random set of opponents.

You can play free on some of the sites but because of the coronavirus, online clubs are encouraging new players with some very good offers.

If you are missing your regular fix of bridge bridge, this is a pretty good alternative!



Dear Teacher Members

It's a difficult time for all of us involved in bridge teaching and running club sessions for learners.   I personally have had to take myself out of circulation completely being in one of the at-risk categories.  Luckily we're able to work from home.

We have some ideas to help keep your students engaged during this period of little face to face bridge, you will find details below. THREE MONTHS FREE ACCESS FOR STUDENTS

We are extending the student free trial period from 6 weeks to 3 months for registrations from today until at least the end of April. Students can subsequently get 25% discount on one year membership.

How to get access for your students to the extended trial and discount:

To access the extended free trial students must register using a special link supplied by us.  

1. If you already have a link and discount code you can just resend these.  Your old link will automatically take students to the 3 month trial.

2.  If you need a new link (and/or discount code) please email us at help@nofearbridge.co.uk and we will send full details which you can forward to students.   Please let us know whether you are a member of EBTA as the details will be different.SET YOUR OWN LESSON PRACTICE FOR STUDENTS

Our 'Teacher Courses' feature is available to all teacher members.


This feature allows teachers to assign No Fear Bridge practice activities for students to use for homework. First they create a course outline. i.e. course name and lesson names. When the course outline is created they can then assign specific No Fear Bridge practice activities to the individual lessons.

Student Access

Students will be able access your lesson practice page from the 'Teacher Courses' button on the Member's Home Page menu.

Your courses are only visible to people who have your Teacher Access Code (which you will receive from us), so you will need to give this to your students when you are ready.

For a preview of what the course may look like from the students point of view, have a look at our own 'Learning Paths' pages.  You are also free to copy any of the No Fear Bridge learning paths to adapt for your own use. 

Contact us at help@nofearbridge.co.uk if you would access to try the Teacher Courses feature.OTHER NEWS - NO FEAR BRIDGE REDEVELOPMENT 

No Fear Bridge was originally designed in 2008 before the days when people even had ipad and tablets let alone smartphones!

We are currenly working on completely rewriting the user interface to make it compatible with modern mobile devices.  It has been a challenge fitting the activities to work on a small smart phone without any scrolling but we are very excited about the result and we soon be releasing some activities for preview.   Looks great on tablets and computers too.

Teachers will find a link to the beta test site on their 'member's home' page soon.  We would very much like to have feedback on the new designs.

In the current circumstances with bridge clubs closed and events cancelled, many of our members will be thinking of playing online bridge. Some will already be familiar with the options below (there may be more providers, which could be added to this list if we are informed of them) but here is some information to help those who do not play online, to point them in the right direction to investigate the various options. We will be adding to this as things progress.

Bridge Club Live is a UK based online bridge provider, which runs a variety of individual and partnership games for which EBU master Points are awarded to members as well as a social room for casual play. There is a free Guest room for players to try it out and a range of membership types to suit those playing more seriously. Most of its members are British so whilst Acol is prevalent, all systems are catered for and members from all over the world keep the bridge going 24/7. They have just issued a press release detailing enhancements made to help accommodate the increasing demand for online bridge from
FACE TO FACE (F2F) Club players.

Funbridge hosts our regular daily online robot games, which give EBU master points. Information about them is available on our webpage.

Bridge Base Online (BBO) is the largest international online bridge provider. Signing up and playing in many of the games is free, though they do have some tournaments that are paid for. Since it is an American company payment is in dollars and the most common bidding systems are Standard American type (sayc or 2/1).

For students who would like to practice their bridge, please register for free with No Fear Bridge via this link, free for the first three months.

We are currently in the process of organising our own EBU games on BBO which will start on Tue 17th Mar with a 12-board game at 7.30pm and another at 9pm. Assuming there is enough demand, we intend to expand soon after by having afternoon games as well. Each game will cost $1 and you will need to buy some BBO$ in advance.

Our advice to players who are interested in playing in them is first to sign up for a free login to BBO and play in some free games to familiarise themselves with how the game works, so that they are ready to take part as soon as our games are running.