It is encouraging to see attendances creeping up again particularly on Mondays. We have had 10+ tables every week this year and we thought that there was
a great atmosphere around the 12 tables yesterday.
It is hard to believe that before Covid, we used to squeeze in up to 20 tables.

We hope that the half hour tutorials after the play sessions are helpful. I am encouraged by having a regular 4 tables that stay behind - but would be happy to accommodate any suggestions you may have on
the topics covered, or comments on the level of
difficulty/usefulness, or whether there should be more concentration on declarer play, defence or scoring.

We hope that our Thursday players will welcome a couple of tables of beginners who will play separately at the top of the room. Our regulars might remember their own early experiences of trying to master this amazing game

Remember, the beginners will assume that you are experts and that you would never forget Stayman or transfers!!

Bridge on Thursday April 18th is CANCELLED

Inga has been showing some of our regulars the photographic history of our ten weekend holiday breaks.

I have been asked whether it is possibble to have the PHOTOBOOK reprinted so I have contacted Bonusprint and they CAN reprint the book.

The cost is £24

It is a nice keepsake that should bring back some
happy memories of past and present friends.

If you would like to see the book, Inga will bring it to the Monday and Thursday sessions for the rest of the month. I will place an order on May 1st.

If you would like one of these books, let Inga know or email me at neilaiston5@gmail.com



I am still doing a bit of design work for NEBA an it's an opportunity to get some colour onto the web site

to Ann Noble and Paula Gates who won last week at Castle Morpeth Bridge Club with a staggering 71% (Paula was 2nd last week with Miriam Cassidy and winner yesterday with Lenny Paes)

If you ever want to see how you should have played a hand, use this.
It is easy to type in any hand that you have misplayed and this BRIDGE SOLVER will tell you immediately how many tricks can be made on best play and best defence. It will lead you through the hand trick by trick!
Here is the